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Women in Packaging. Working Together to Change the Tide.

One of our primary 2024 goals here at Harbor Packaging is to identify and support as many women-owned and women-led businesses as possible. Women are under represented across the industry in key leadership roles.

Who do you know in the industry that we should engage?

There is an obvious gender gap in the industry, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating that women make up only 35% of the workers in packaging and processing. You can feel that when you walk around Pack Expo. Not only do we only make up 35%, but of those, how many packaging companies are women-owned or women-led?

According to Pack Expo[1] , over 45,000 people attended the last event. Of those 45,000, only around 1,000 attended the Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network Breakfast — only 2.2% of the overall attendance. This is an extremely small percentage for what is touted as one of the biggest women's networking opportunities in the industry.

Is it that only 2.2% of women in the industry are in leadership roles? This might seem negative, but we at Harbor Packaging see this as a great opportunity.

The packaging industry is on the brink of big changes — many of those in leadership roles are nearing retirement, companies are being passed on to the next generation or sold, Earth friendly packaging laws are being approved, and exciting packaging innovation and automation is exploding. But, still, where are the women?

How might we, women in the packaging industry, offer more opportunities to bring the women of our industry together? How might we introduce new women to the industry? How might we help each other grow? How might we find female mentors?

Let's start with connection. We are thinking of starting by hosting a Zoom call to get like minds together. Are you interested in joining us?

If so, please sign up for our newsletter below to be notified of upcoming networking opportunities and Harbor Packaging news.

We would love for you to join us. Let's work together to lift women up!


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