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SB 54 - A Landmark New Packaging Reduction Law in CA!

Governor Newsom recently signed SB54, a new packaging law that everyone in California should get excited about! By 2032, California is aiming to reduce plastic packaging waste by 25%, and reduce single-use plastic by 65%. The law will require 100% of packaging in the state to be recyclable or compostable.

Seem lofty? It is! This is going to put extra weight on California manufacturers to make big changes to both the packaging they are choosing and take responsibility for their end of life management of their products. This isn't a new concept, many countries around the world have already established Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislature including the European Union, India, Australia and Japan. Creating these policies is often used to help increase recyclability rates and push innovations in the waste streams.

Are you a California manufacturer? What questions do you have about this new law?

We are experts in packaging, and passionate about reducing plastic pollution. Call us to learn more about what you can do now to start preparing.

Visit to learn more about this new law and how it will impact your business.


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